Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Welcome to Faith.Life.Media!

Langston Hughes once said,
"The only prerequisite for writing is having something to say."
That is why I am starting this blog. I have much to say. Probably too much. Enjoy.


  1. Adam,

    I am kinda speechless at what you said. It moves me to tears to see the love of God in another believer, true love of God no judgements, no expectations. Amen my brother in Christ. I pray God uses what you have said to soften hearts to those who "need" a soft place to land in our churches.

  2. Adam you never stop amazing me with the growth you have taken in you life. You have a very special gift to write or take what is delt you and make it work for your belief. You are a testinony of what I think the church and it's teaching's should be about

  3. What you have said is true, but the church will never "receive" it.