Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mobile Web & Social Media

A study came out today that showed 22% of the time people are on the web they are interacting with Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, Twitter.) Also, 1/3rd of people accessed the web via a mobile device in 2009. With these stats, why do so many businesses, organizations, non-profits and churches do such a poor job using these tools? Just "having a website" may not be enough anymore. You need to communicate with people the way that they are communicating.

Obviously mobile websites and social media campaigns aren't a good fit for everyone, however I think that overall they are an under-utilized form of communication.

Most businesses would say that having a website is very important, however 1/3rd of all web access is being done from mobile devices, yet VERY few businesses have a mobile website. Why is that?

Here is a great example of a mobile website: LifeChurch Mobile - It is simple, easy to use and mobile friendly. Accessing complex website from mobile devices can be a pain, and these basic mobile sites make it FAR easier for your audience to interact with you. You can also view their normal website here: LifeChurch

What about Social Media? Successfully using Social Media is more than just starting a Facebook page. That can be a great start, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Currently Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Twitter and Wordpress are all among the Top 20 most accessed websites. It is obvious that this is one of the main ways that people are communicating.

Do you know of a business, organization, church or non-profit that is doing a good job using Social Media or Mobile Web to interact with their audience? Do you think that these are important tools? How would you like to see them used?

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