Friday, June 3, 2011

Regret #2

Today we look at Regret #2 in the list of the "Top 5 Regrets" that people have on their deathbed

2. I wish I didn't work so hard.

This is probably the regret that I have heard the most. We all know that at the end of life no one wishes that they had spent more time at the office.

This is going to be a shorter blog because I think this is a simple subject.

It comes down to this...what is important to you?

I have known several friends that have lost parents. I have had friends that lost parents who had very little money but invested their time and life into their children. Their kids remember them being at all of their sporting events, all of their school performances and always being present in their lives. They didn't go on big vacations, instead they went camping and that sort of thing. When their parents passed away they had amazing memories and knew that they were loved and a priority for their parents.

I have also had friends that have lost parents who spent their life working. The irony is that they spent their life working because they believed that providing a "quality" life was what was best. They wanted their kids to be able to do what they wanted, and have what they needed, and experience amazing things. And they did. However at the end of the day they would trade the inheritance and vacations for more memories of time together.

Your friends and families don't need your money and your success and your ability, they need you.

Are jobs important? Yes. Is money important? Yes. But not at the expense that we pay for it.

Your time is your most important resource, how will you spend it? Your answer to that question will determine whether this regret will be with you at the end of your life.

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