Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacation With A Purpose

As recent blogs have stated, I have been compelled to view my resources as a tool to use, rather than objects to consume. As my wife and I try and spread that through all areas of our life the idea came to us to try and do that with our upcoming vacation as well.

What if our vacations were NOT all about us? What if they could be used as a resource to bless others, while still having time for us to rest and enjoy family?

Thus was born our "Vacation With A Purpose" idea. We have decided to take at least 10% of what we are spending on the entire vacation and keep that on us in cash at all times and look for people, organizations, churches or non-profits to stop and randomly bless.

Just thinking about the ways that God could use this small act is exciting.

I will report back after our vacation (August 15th or so) and let you know the results! I am already praying that God would change us through this process.

Are you going on a vacation soon? Would you be willing to try the "Vacation With A Purpose" concept?

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  1. ...and wouldn't it be something if we did that every once in awhile with the people we see around town?! (my thought to myself since no vacation is anywhere in my near future) Helping people in need has always been on my heart but I'm no good at it, sadly. I look forward to hearing about how you guys blessed others on your vacation. Marvelous idea!!